Features and Options

In addition to style and color options, we have a variety of construction choices. These include:

  • Shutter type
  • Framing
  • Number of panels
  • Fold direction
  • Divider rail
  • Hinge color

Our staff will make recommendations based on the layout of your room and measurements of your windows. Wall location, window size, window cranks, existing molding, and window sills all factor into the construction of your shutters. Our friendly staff will help guide you in picking the perfect shutters for your home.

We guarantee the highest quality and lowest price in town.  Already have a bid from another company?  Bring it to us and let us show you how we can cut your costs without cutting quality.  Call us today at 806-866-2152 to experience The Shutter Shop difference.  We also encourage you to schedule a shop visit to see how the shutters are made.  Something I bet the other guys can't do... You deserve the best so call the Best!   806-866-2152 is the number to call today.


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